Susan Kendzulak's Disasters (2000)

earthquake disaster
everything is dangerous!  Do you really feel safe with that flotation device stuck under your airplane seat?

I live in an active earthquake zone and I keep my new earthquake survival kit right next to my bed. Now I feel safer. Besides providing a restful sleep, it protects me from falling blocks of concrete. One size fits all, comes in "Safety White."

Return home.

If you ever get stuck in a sandstorm or stranded in the desert, wearing the airline reflector head gear will aid in your rescue.

However, fires are more common than sandstorms. And you will be protected when you wear the anti-fire matter head gear and the "Put out a fire" jumpsuit. Easy to operate. Just use the small knife sewn in the pocket of the suit to puncture the anti-fire matter bags filled with pure genuine H2O. Guaranteed not to chafe your skin.

And if all else fails, you can cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Everything is dangerous, and in one minute our lives could be transformed immeasurably regardless of our economic or educational status, ethnicity or gender. Disasters define our humanity: do we resuscitate the victim or steal his Rolex?

For this series: "everything is dangerous: Watch Out!" everyday household items show that lifesavers all around us.